Preventive Maintenance can save your business and the lives of your team

From Infrared Thermography to Arc Flash Analysis, the decision you make now can have a significant impact on your company’s future.

At Henderson Services, our business has been keeping Kentucky in business for over 100 years. We’ve seen the kind of impact Preventive Maintenance can have on a business. That impact isn’t always noticed because it looks like, well, nothing. However, the alternative to nothing is constant issues that ultimately lead to a massive accident that, to repair, can cost more than ten times the amount you could have spent to prevent the situation in the first place.

Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program

of electrical failures can

be identified and corrected

before they occur with an

annual infrared inspection


of facilities have

experienced unplanned

downtime in the last

three years

Aging Equipment

is the leading cause of

unplanned downtimes


maintenance saves

up to 18%

over reactive maintenance

Save 10x

Business Costs with

regular Preventive


Conserve 20%

of Production Capacity

Create Efficient

Maintenance Planning &

Minimize Downtime

Infrared inspections are

conducted while the

equipment is running

and involve

zero business interruption

to your facility.

You can’t afford not to prioritize preventive maintenance

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