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We provide turnkey solutions for all your commercial building needs. Our specialties are Electrical Service repairs and emergencies, Preventive Maintenance, Electrical Training, new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, and expansion projects ranging in size and value up to several million dollars.

Our History

In the 1950s, Henderson worked on big projects allowing us to be trusted in Kentucky as one of the most capable electrical contractors in the region. Major projects were completed at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, the G.E. Appliance Park, and the International Harvester’s Farm Machinery foundry and manufacturing operation.

1919 - Our Start

Our founder, Harry Henderson started the Henderson Electric Company supplying products and equipment to electrical contracting businesses in Louisville, KY.

1920s & 1930s – Our Transformation

Henderson Electrical Company went from supplying electrical contracting businesses to becoming one.

We joined the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in 1924 and still hold membership to this day.

1950s – Positioning Ourselves in the Industry

In the 1950s, Henderson worked on big projects allowing us to be trusted in Kentucky as one of the most capable electrical contractors in the region. Major projects were completed at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, the G.E. Appliance Park, and the International Harvester’s Farm Machinery foundry and manufacturing operation.

1960s – Creating a Home in Lexington

In 1960, Henderson opened another office in Lexington, KY to better serve the rapidly growing central Kentucky market. Within a few short years, our Lexington office was managing major projects for the University of Kentucky, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our state’s capitol, Frankfort, KY.

1980s – Toyota Partnership

In 1986, we opened a field office on the construction site of a new and upcoming automotive assembly plant in Georgetown, KY. This well-known plant is the Toyota Motor Manufacturing company. Due to our involvement in its construction, we have established a lasting relationship with Toyota and still have a permanent presence on-site.

1990s – Growth of our Customer Base

As our customer base expanded, so did our need to prepare for management succession and continue our quality service. In order to do this, Henderson Electric Company, Inc. merged with five other prominent national contractors to form Nationwide Electric, Inc. (NEI) in 1998. A year later NEI was purchased by a large publicly held Canadian corporation by the name of Bracknell (TSE: BRK). During our time with Bracknell, we served customers throughout North America.

Early 2000s – Company Name Change

In 2001, Bracknell unfortunately closed due to the construction and telecommunications market slowing down. On December 1, 2001 the Henderson management group repurchased the assets of the Henderson Electric Company, Inc. and began operating as Henderson Services, LLC. We wanted our name change to highlight the many other services we provide in addition to traditional electrical construction.

Now & Forever – Our Commitment

Henderson has embraced changes without losing sight of the tradition of quality performance, passion for customer service, and the safety of our team and yours. This tradition continues on as we mark 102 years of serving our old Kentucky home. To continue the vision of our founder, Harry Henderson, we strive to keep these values while embracing the use of new technology and providing world-class performance in all aspects of our services.


Leaders & Educators in Safety

Henderson Services has always been viewed as the safety leader in the electrical industry. We are passionate about safety for our customers and community. It’s our goal to share that passion and help educate, train, and equip safety leaders through our Training Center. With an experienced and qualified staff ready to serve, we are eager to help make your operation the safest it can be. We offer NFPA 70E Training to inform you of best electrical safety work practices and First Aid, CPR, and AED training for unexpected emergencies possible to occur at your work site. You can check out the info for Safety Education & Training here.

Prioritizing Safety from Our Training to Our Service

Here at Henderson, we practice what we preach which means we bring these same safety training standards to our on-site construction. We are very pleased to announce that Henderson Services, LLC recently surpassed 6.9 million man-hours without a lost time injury!

At Henderson Services, our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety is an integral part of our Company’s culture. Our Company holds employees and field staff at every level responsible for maintaining a safe workplace. We specialize in providing a strong safety program which protects our employees, field personnel and clients from workplace accidents.

We believe that holding our team to a high standard of safety and constantly improving on-site communications will create an environment where safety is both expected and rewarded. This commitment consistently places our safety program as one of the best in the industry.  To ensure that safety remains uncompromised, each employee receives training on potential hazards, preventative actions and OSHA regulations. All Foreman and electricians are trained in NFPA 70E Safe Work Practices and receive either OSHA 10 or 30-hour trained. In addition, all employees are provided with proper PPE equipment and training. Our commitment to safety is at the core of Henderson Services!

These safety milestones have led to Henderson Services receiving many awards including the Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award in 2018, in addition to the 2018 Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award.

Our success is largely due to the implementation of a company-wide safety “culture” that is driven from the top down and bottom up. The safety commitment from our project management team and all of our employees has made this safety milestone a reality. We want to commend each and every Henderson Services employee for their hard work and the unwavering dedication to our “total safety system.”
Current EMR
2022 Incident Rate
2022 Lost time injuries
DART rate for 2022

Awards Received for our Excellence in Safety:

2021 – NECA Safety Excellence Award
2020 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award
2019 – Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award
2019 – NECA Safety Excellence Award
2019 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award
2019 – Toyota Excellent Performance
2018 – NECA Safety Excellence Award
2018 – Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award
2018 – Toyota Outstanding Customer Service Performance
2018 – Toyota Excellent Performance
2018 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award
2017 – Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award
2017 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award
2016 – National AGC Safety Award
2016 – Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award
2016 – Toyota Outstanding Safety Performance Award
2016 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award
2015 – Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety & Health Award
2015 – AGC of America Safety Excellence Award
2015 – NECA Safety Excellence Award
2015 – Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Excellence Award


Our Qualifications

Henderson strives to be one of the most trusted contractors in Kentucky. This is why we make sure we have all of the necessary certifications in order to continue this essential work. These include technical, IT, and contractor certifications. We know you need to be sure you are choosing a quality partner, so take a look at all of our certifications below:


  • American Dynamics
  • Belden
  • Corning
  • DSX Card Access Systems
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • Kantech
  • Leviton Network Installer
  • National Burglary False Alarm Certification
  • Ortronics Data Connectivity
  • Pelco Video Equipment
  • Siemon
  • Southwest Microwave
  • Sytron Access Control Systems
  • Tyco Electronics
  • Xblue Networks


  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
  • Microsoft Server Certified
  • Microsoft Office Certified


  • KSHE Certified Healthcare Contractor

Enlist Our Electrical Expertise For Your Next Project

Meet Our Team

Meet the valuable Henderson members who bring the quality electrical safety, services, and solutions we promise to everyone who chooses Henderson.


David Gross


41 years of experience

Joe Logan


28 years of experience

Jimmy Adams

CFO/Director of Finance

14 years of experience

Luke Templin

Director of Operations

18 years of experience

Dwayne Rice

Director of Operations

21 years of experience


Troy Vandiver

Project Manager

14 years of experience

Matt Corbett

Project Manager

17 years of experience

Daniel Anderson

Project Manager

26 years of experience

Brad Embry

Project Manager

26 years of experience

Mike Thompson

Project Manager

35 years of experience


Alex Ochs

Chief Estimator

27 years of experience

Benny Edwards

Project Manager

28 years of experience

Wes Hall

Project Manager

5 years of experience

Josh Sapp

Project Manager

18 years of experience

Donnie Bagwell

Project Manager

37 years of experience

Meet Our Partners

Henderson Services strives to partner with leading organizations that honor the goals and standards of our company. These organizations value safety, training, and quality contracting and electrical work. Get to know Henderson’s key partners:


Henderson Services is actively involved in the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) on a local and national level. NECA is dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information, and promotional activities. NECA is the voice of the electrical contracting industry, working to promote high standards, quality workmanship, and training for a skilled workforce.
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Henderson has been a member of NECA since March 1924. All three generations have been very involved serving in a variety of capacities, including Board Member, Vice President, and President. We have participated in and are currently involved in many committees as a Trustee and Board member. Henderson has been one of the major electrical contractors behind NECA’s involvement in the Kentucky marketplace. We are very committed to being an integral part of this organization and striving to improve the industry.

The National Joint Apprenticeship

Training Committee (NJATC) is our partner to develop and provide standardized training to educate the members of the IBEW and NECA to ensure the electrical construction industry has the most highly trained and skilled workforce possible. We utilize their services to provide additional training to our office and field personnel as well.
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The local JATC is an approved electrical license training provider in Kentucky for master electrician and electrician licensing in compliance with Kentucky law. They also provide continuing education classes for journeymen wiremen and communication technicians, providing them with the knowledge needed to keep up with the ever-changing technologies incorporated into projects.


Henderson has been an active associate member with the Kentuckiana Construction Users Council (KCUC) since its start in 1970. KCUC is the local affiliate of the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT), a national organization of companies that purchase the services of contractors for maintenance and new construction.
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KCUC’s slogan of “Committed to Safety and Cost Effectiveness” integrates very well with our “Commitment to Safety and Performance” philosophy. KCUC provides safety orientation for many of our local industrial customers. Therefore, most of our employees are KCUC trained and prepared at any time to work at one of the sites that require this training. Our safety director works closely with the KCUC staff to implement this training for all area contractors.

Builders Exchange of Kentucky

Builders Exchange of Kentucky was founded in 1927 and is a full-service construction trade association with a membership in excess of 1,000, consisting of contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, manufacturing representatives, and others engaged in the commercial and industrial construction industry.
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The Builders Exchange provides an essential clearing house for plans and documents for bidding purposes from owners and architects throughout Kentucky. In addition to the plan room benefit, they now offer training through their Center for Education and Training Excellence, which we participate in.

Henderson has been a member of the Builders Exchange since 1934. The three generations of Henderson have served in many capacities over the years. Our involvement with this organization has been an essential part of our development as a contractor in this area.


Henderson participates as an associate member of the local branch of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). Our involvement keeps us informed of the latest developments in building management and techniques and allows networking with building managers and the exchange of ideas.


Through our relationship with NECA we have been a signatory contractor to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) for over 60 years. We have maintained an excellent relationship with various locals throughout the Midwest and currently enjoy a good working partnership with the IBEW local in Louisville. Our qualified and trained electrical wiremen, linemen, and communication technicians are members of the IBEW.


ISN® is a global leader in contractor and supplier management. ISN supports more than 350 Hiring Clients in capital-intensive and public sector industries to help manage more than 52,000 contractors and suppliers with operations in over 75 countries. ISN is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices in Calgary, Sydney, London, Los Angeles, and New York. They take pride in leading efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractor management systems and in serving as a forum for sharing industry best practices among our members.

AGC Protect

AGC PROTECT safety designation exceeds the established OSHA construction safety standards as demonstrated through successful completion of a four-step qualification process. AGC is seeking members who are willing to continuously improve and who are innovative industry leaders with respect to safety. The process includes an initial formal application and qualification checklist, a written program audit, and a minimum of at least one jobsite audit.

Electrical Clearing House of Louisville

The Electrical Clearing House of Louisville (ECHL), organized in 1912, has the purpose of promoting the professional improvement of its members and encouraging fellowship between members of the electrical industry. The ECHL promotes the education of its members in the art and/or installation of electrical services and the enactment of laws and licenses in order to prevent the destruction of life and property regarding the utilization of electricity.
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The ECHL is approved to be an Electrical License Training Provider in Kentucky for master electrician and electrician licensing. They provide this service to its members to enable them to meet the licensing laws of Kentucky.

Henderson has been an integral part of this organization throughout the years and will continue to be. Many of our field and office employees are members and utilize their service to enhance their abilities.


Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors. They bring unmatched visibility to companies through cloud-based technology and human insight. As a result, Avetta fosters sustainable growth for businesses, as well as their supply chain. Avetta’s SaaS subscription software is used by 50k+ active customers in over 100 countries.


BICSI is a professional association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry. ITS covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety and security, and audio and video technologies. It encompasses the design, integration, and installation of pathways, spaces, fiber and copper-based distribution systems, wireless-based systems, and infrastructure that supports the transportation of information and associated signaling between and among communication and information gathering devices.
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BICSI provides information, education, and knowledge assessment for individuals and companies in the ITS industry. As a member, Henderson has professionals on staff whom have BICSI certifications and utilize their education and training for our continuing educational needs. This organization is a vital link to the world of technology and meeting our customers’ communications needs.

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