Lock Out Tag Out Training is Vital to Your Business

LOTO is used to control hazardous energy, which includes electricity or anything that can injure someone. This procedure is done so there are safeguards in place before repairs are done to machinery. Whenever someone is planning on accessing equipment, the Lock Out Tag Out procedure must be completed so the machine doesn’t accidentally turn on and cause harm.

What is LOTO?

Lock out tag out (LOTO) is a procedure required by OSHA. According to OSHA, “lock out tag out (LOTO) protocols are specific practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.”

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Prevents 120 fatalities and 50k injuries per year 

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Up to 10% of industrial accidents are caused by Failure to LOTO

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Often in OSHA’s Top 10 Violations

8 Steps to Completing Lock Out Tag Out

  1. Prepare for the shutdown
  2. Notify employees
  3. Shut down the equipment
  4. Isolate energy sources
  5. Apply LOTO devices to energy sources
  6. Release/control all sorted energy
  7. Verify the lockout –This step is vital, and can be easily overlooked if not careful. DO NOT SKIP.
  8. Maintain the lockout

Completing the LOTO procedure is very important to the safety of your personnel which is why training in this procedure is crucial for your employees. Henderson Services has professionals who can educate and train your employees to follow OSHA’s LOTO steps perfectly and consistently.


Any manufacturing facility where environmental or mechanical hazards abound requires Lock Out Tag Out procedures. Meaning, that these standards apply far beyond industrial facilities.
Yes. All machinery is different. While the concepts may be the same, each facility and equipment has different requirements that all employees need to be trained on, regardless of past experience.
Start by bringing in a company like Henderson to complete the training, and then walk through a plan with your facility managers to make sure everyone is following proper procedures.

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