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Completing an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis ensures you remain compliant with regulatory agencies. Arc Flash analysis enables you to understand your electrical system better, while protecting your assets (personnel and facility), limiting your liability, and avoiding citations.
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What is an Arc Flash Analysis?

An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, or more commonly known as an Arc Flash Study, is a comprehensive electrical system analysis that is designed to evaluate the potential available incident energy specific to electrical equipment during a fault event. Having this knowledge will allow organizations to not only abide by the rulings set forth in the latest editions of OSHA (29 CFR 1910.269), and NFPA (130.5 C), but an arc flash study will also gain them a piece of mind. This peace of mind is achieved by knowing that a complete process to identify any potential severity of injury or damage to health has been proactively taken and any potential power quality issues will be identified in order to reduce the risk of business interruption.

At Henderson Services, we guarantee a seven-step Arc Flash Study process during our partnership to keep you compliant, keep your work force safe and educated, and to keep the lights on.

1. Electrical Asset Data collection- Electricians will be dispatched to collect the data necessary for the study. This process requires no interruption to business.
2. Short Circuit Analysis- Calculations are generated for each piece of electrical equipment
3. Incident Energy Analysis- Used to create the arc flash field labels specific to the equipment
4. Updated One-Line Drawings- A complete model of the whole electrical distribution system that is generated once the Arc Flash Study is complete
5. Mitigation Recommendations- A summary will be provided along with recommendations to improve the efficiency of your equipment
6. Installing Arc Flash Field Labels- Our electricians will return to your facility and personally install the field labels on the appropriate pieces of electrical equipment
7. NFPA 70e “Safe Electrical Work Practices Training”- Once the Arc Flash Study is completed, Henderson Services provides a complimentary training for your entire team
Henderson cares for your team’s safety. We will make sure all safety measures are accounted for and your team is properly educated when we perform an Arc Flash Analysis. Schedule this life-saving analysis today.

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