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Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Time, Money and Stress!

In order to have an effective electrical preventive maintenance program, three things need to be considered by a company:

1. Personnel Safety- If there is an unexpected equipment failure, will my employees be put in danger? How can I better protect them in the event of a catastrophic failure?
2. Equipment Loss- Is the electrical equipment installed at your facility complex or so unique that if repairs or replacement is required the cost would be detrimental to the budget?
3. Production Economics- Will breakdowns or replacements of failed electrical equipment require an extensive downtime? How much will my company lose per hour should we have an unexpected shutdown?

By budgeting and scheduling regularly planned De-Energized shutdowns, this will allow companies to become proactive instead of reactive and extend the life of their electrical components while also keeping employees safe. Contact us today to learn about our electrical testing and cleaning services and see how we can help with you next scheduled shutdown!

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80% of facilities have experienced unplanned downtime in the last three years

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Aging equipment is the leading cause of unplanned downtimes

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Preventive maintenance saves up to 18% over reactive

Breaker Testing and Maintenance

Breaker Testing

Breaker Testing and maintenance are critical, especially when caring for aging electrical systems. Testing breakers is like an annual physical. It allows us to track trends in the breaker’s performance. This allows Henderson to help you know when it’s the right time to replace underperforming or unsafe breakers, mitigating unscheduled outages of key equipment or electrical injury due to breakers not performing properly. It is important to maintain the quality of your breakers in order for your facility to run smoothly and safely, all while extending the life and performance of the breakers.

Transformer Diagnostics

Henderson Services knows just how expensive and valuable your electrical transformers are to your facility. We provide quality diagnostics and monitoring of your power transformers. For transformer maintenance, we will schedule regular sampling and testing of every facet of the transformer.

We recommend a transformer to be checked at least annually by our team in order to prevent breakdowns that can cost you time and money. A variety of maintenance and testing needs to be performed regularly, such as cleaning, dissolved gas in oil analysis, leaking seals and bushings, primary and secondary cable and termination inspections, grounding, and winding integrity. Your transformer may still be running smoothly with underlying problems that will eventually result in a breakdown.

Cleaning and Exercising

Regular, professional cleaning of electrical equipment ensures the reliability, safety, and longevity of various electrical devices and systems. Regular cleaning maintenance removes dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on surfaces, fans, and components, which can hinder proper heat dissipation and lead to overheating. Exercising electrical equipment, such as switches and circuit breakers, involves activating them to prevent corrosion and maintain their operational efficiency. These maintenance practices not only prevent potential electrical hazards and equipment failures but also optimize the overall performance and energy efficiency of the systems. By mitigating the risks of malfunctions and minimizing downtime, cleaning and exercising electrical equipment services contribute significantly to the smooth operation of industries, businesses, and households, promoting both safety and cost-effectiveness.

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The frequency of testing electrical breakers in a company depends on various factors, including the type of equipment, its usage, industry standards, and the specific regulations that apply to your location. In general, your business should incorporate breaker testing into your routine maintenance schedule. Quarterly or annual testing might be suitable for many situations. It's essential to consult with qualified electricians such as Henderson familiar with your specific industry and equipment. We can help you determine the most appropriate testing frequency based on the unique factors that apply to your company.
Regular maintenance not only extends the transformer's lifespan but also reduces the risk of costly failures and ensures the safety of both personnel and equipment. Routine electrical transformer maintenance involves a series of tasks and checks designed to ensure the reliable and safe operation of transformers over their lifespan. Some of these tests include a visual inspection, oil sampling and analysis, temperature checks, mechanical and structural checks, and more.
De-energized maintenance refers to maintenance activities performed on electrical equipment or systems while they are completely disconnected from their power sources. In other words, the equipment is intentionally de-energized, meaning it's disconnected from any live electrical sources, to ensure the safety of personnel working on it. This type of maintenance is essential to prevent electrical accidents and ensure that workers can safely perform maintenance tasks without the risk of electric shock or other hazards.

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