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Preventive Maintenance is often the most overlooked electrical service across all industries. At Henderson we believe that Preventive Maintenance is the gateway to an overall healthier and efficient workplace. When a business places importance on the well-being of their electrical equipment they are openly saying how important their employees' well-being is to the business as a whole. And when businesses emphasize safety as a metric of facility health they give their equipment greater longevity and integrity.

Don't let your electrical systems run to fail. Employ regular energized electrical preventive maintenance and save time, money and effort across the board! Henderson is here to help.

save money

Save 10x Business Costs with regular Preventive Maintenance

Reduce Equipment Breakdowns by up to 75%

Save 20% of Production Capacity 

Prepare Your Electrical Systems for Success

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography (IR) is a Preventive Maintenance service. It is a niche service in that, it’s a visual, contactless, energized maintenance that is performed while equipment is still working, to make sure that it is operating correctly, so that you don't have unexpected outages.

This work needs to be performed by a person who has been trough extensive classroom and in-the-field training. At Henderson Services, our Level II trained Infrared Thermographers utilize visual inspections, ultrasonic survey detection and infrared scanning technology to detect the impending failure of your critical electrical distribution components.

Power Quality Monitoring

Many power quality problems can occur costing your team valuable dollars. In order to prevent major problems, Henderson needs to keep an eye on the power quality of your equipment. Preventive Monitoring and diagnostics of your equipment is how Henderson Services helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your system and stay aead of the game.

Here are the common issues we run into:
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Voltage Transients
  • Voltage Sags and/or Surges
  • Grounding
  • Disruption of Power
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Electro-Magnetic Interference

Ultrasonic Detection Survey

Your system is talking, are you listening? Henderson Services uses ultrasonic analysis to “hear” any failing pieces within your equipment. It is a preventive tool utilizing sounds to detect any problems. At Henderson Services we utilize ultrasonic probe technology to measure and record sound waves that are above human audible hearing capabilities (16-18kHz). This added service is used as a complement to our energized Infrared Thermography Survey and can detect arching, corona, and tracking on wires and cables.

We Custom Tailor a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Business


Infrared looks for issues caused by aged or failing parts, poor connections or terminations, or high resistance. 90% of all electrical failures are due to these issues and the resulting heat caused by them. Heat issues discovered by IR are typically easy and economical to repair. Your typical IR scan of an entire electrical system is usually a fraction of the cost of replacement should a part fail.
Arcing, corona, or tracking, as well as partial discharges and mechanical looseness, all produce detectable high-frequency sounds that warn of impending failure. Our team can help you detect impending failure by identifying and addressing problems before they cause catastrophic failure or injury.
When we combine Ultrasonic and Infrared,  you receive the best Preventive Maintenance possible. Together these tests show you a fuller picture of what really is going on within your equipment. Together they provide you with the necessary information to make informed maintenance decisions to keep your facility as safe as possible.

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