Infrared Thermography

two people in full protective gear performing switchgear testing on equipment to prevent failure electrical systems
person performing thermal imaging testing for energized system maintenance
person in protective gear performing maintenance on an electrical panel

Is Your Equipment Running Efficiently?

According to a study conducted in 2019 by the U.S. Department of Energy, over 2/3 of electrical failures can be identified and corrected before they occur with an annual infrared inspection. At Henderson Services, our Level II trained Infrared Thermographers utilize visual inspections, ultrasonic survey detection and infrared scanning technology to detect the impending failure of your critical electrical distribution components.

The Benefits of Infrared Thermography

Infrared inspections are conducted while the equipment is running and involve zero business interruption to your facility. Contact us today to begin your facility’s journey towards becoming NFPA 70e compliant and extend the life of your critical electrical components.

Henderson can complete this preventive inspection on your equipment, all you have to do is call.

Power Quality Monitoring

We're Here to Keep an Eye on Things

Many power quality problems can occur costing your team valuable dollars. In order to prevent major problems, Henderson needs to keep an eye on the power quality of your equipment.

Common Power Quality Problems

Here are the common issues we run into:
Harmonic Distortion
Voltage Transients
Voltage Sags and/or Surges
Disruption of Power
Radio Frequency Interference
Electro-Magnetic Interference
If you are concerned that your system has power quality problems, or you want us to monitor the power quality before an issue even occurs, Henderson is here. Preventive Monitoring and diagnostics of your equipment is how Henderson Services helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your system.


Your system is talking, are you listening?

Henderson Services uses ultrasonic analysis to “hear” any failing pieces within your equipment. It is a preventive tool utilizing sounds to detect any problems. 
Ultrasonic Detection Survey

At Henderson Services we utilize ultrasonic probe technology to measure and record sound waves that are above human audible hearing capabilities (16-18kHz). This added service is used as a complement to our energized Infrared Thermography Survey and can detect arching, corona, and tracking on wires and cables.

Our team can help you detect impending failure by identifying and addressing problems before they cause catastrophic failure or injury. When we combine ultra and Infrared,  you receive the best PM possible. We are here to get this much need testing done!

How Ultrasonic Analysis Works

Arcing, corona, or tracking, as well as partial discharges and mechanical looseness, all produce detectable high-frequency sounds that warn of impending failure.

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