Since 2019, the sale of Electric Vehicles has more than tripled. In 2022, 6% of new vehicles purchased were EVs. This could be due to many factors: people’s increased efforts to be environmentally conscious, a rise in fuel prices, or simply a desire to try something new. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that more people than ever are driving EVs. So naturally, they’ll need a place to charge their vehicle. 

This is where your business can enter the picture. 

EV Charging Stations vs. Home Chargers

In a previous article, we discussed the difference between certain EV chargers. People who purchase an EV also receive a free, level 1 at-home charger. However, they may not realize that the included chargers can take up to 48 hours to fully charge their vehicles. Level 2 chargers were designed to speed up the charging process by restoring your vehicle to full power at three times the speed.

These level 2 chargers have presented a valuable opportunity for businesses seeking to bring customers onto their property. The idea that someone could come to your business and not only shop your incredible products but also charge their vehicle while doing it is a growing concept with many upsides.

A Place to Recharge: For Customers and Employees

Did you know that 43% of customers are likely to return weekly to retail locations with EV chargers? With the high cost of installing a level two charger in your home, many people are looking for places they can do it without the buy-in. Having an EV charging station in your business’s parking lot adds significant value to what you offer customers. 

In addition to your customers frequenting your business, having charging stations in your parking lot also serves as an incentive for any employees you have that drive EVs. Allowing them to charge their vehicle while they work is a valuable benefit that would present an excellent opportunity to show them that you care about their well-being.

How to Find an EV Charging Station Installer

If you’re looking for an EV Charging Station installer, you’ll want to look for someone with experience, expertise, and knowledge of the process. With those factors, there’s a clear choice to be made. 

Energy matters to us at Henderson Services. As faithful stewards of our electrical services, we believe that we should always be improving and expanding as our nation’s leading industries do the same. We have installed over 300 EV chargers across the state of Kentucky thus far, working with companies like Walmart and Kroger. This experience has allowed us to perfect our process to safely and efficiently service your business. 

So if you’re reading this and are intrigued by the EV trend but never considered how to reap the benefits for your business, contact us today to talk about next steps.

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