With Electric Vehicles (EVs) continuing to grow in popularity, Henderson Services has quickly become the leading EV charging station contractor in Kentucky. Whether at airports or grocery stores, the locations that offer these charging stations are steadily multiplying, used by businesses to bring in traffic and care for employees. However, these charging stations are only one of the ways to charge EVs. When purchasing a vehicle, you will also receive a level one charger, which you can use with a standard wall outlet at your home. 

So let’s look at why charging stations are superior to charging at home and how your business can increase your traffic by implementing stations in your parking lot.


When using a Level 1 charger that comes with your vehicle for at-home use, you could be waiting for around two days for a full recharge! If you plan to try a quick charge overnight, you may be out of luck. 

There is an additional option to purchase a Level 2 charger. We will typically install these same chargers for various businesses and manufacturers. This charger works with higher voltage and therefore requires extra energy usage from your home or business. Though you will face a higher cost compared to your free level 1 charger, you will quickly see the difference between this installed charging station and the low-powered free option. With the level 2 charger, you can charge your vehicle fully in 4 to 10 hours.


At-home chargers tend to come with higher accident risk. Due to the voltage running through the chargers and into your vehicles, EV chargers pose a fire hazard risk. This can often happen because of faulty or outdated wiring, which is more likely to occur at your home. There is also a potential hazard where the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) fails due to unforeseen circumstances such as old wiring, lightning, or general wear.

The charging stations we install will always be evaluated and properly wired to avoid any potential hazards. If the necessary energy source has faulty wiring, we have experts who can quickly fix the problem and get the charger installed safely. While you can get a Level 2 charger installed at your home, a station in the parking lot of a business or manufacturer will typically be safer.

Additional Perks

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a public charging station is that you don’t have to pay the initial costs of purchasing a station for your home. In this case, a business has already covered the cost of installation. With the purchase of your vehicle, it's possible that you didn’t budget for an at-home charging upgrade. Public chargers serve as a great alternative. 

In addition, some charging stations are more advanced than a level 2 charger and can rapidly charge your vehicle in around an hour. While these are only sometimes readily available, they can be a great way to quickly get back on the road for those with access. However, even a level 2 charger will get you back on the road much more quickly than your free level 1 charger that you use at home.

As a business owner, having these charging stations increases traffic and encourages your team. For example, imagine a grocery store that installs charging stations. If someone who needs groceries also needs to charge their vehicle, they’re more prone to shop at a place that offers the chance to kill two birds with one stone. 

This is just a brief look at some differences you’ll experience between at-home chargers and public charging stations. As the leading installer of charging stations in Kentucky, we have the ability to install them in any location and offer additional services for any wiring that needs to be updated. So contact us today to learn more about how EV charging stations can boost your business!

Electric vehicles (EVs) have slowly been on the rise over the past few years. Cars like the Tesla have skyrocketed in popularity, while e-bikes like Rad Power Bikes have found an entirely new audience. With a recent spike in gas prices and a much greater awareness of our planet’s environmental health, more than ever, people are trying to do their part to make meaningful changes.

So we began to ask ourselves, “What are the benefits of EVs and what can Henderson do to help?”

Energy Security and Fuel Cost

You might have heard of EVs but aren’t sure what benefit they provide. Your only connection may be the line of Priuses at your local farmer’s market. Regardless, it’s worth considering the effect EVs bring to the environment and your wallet.

The United States serves as both a major importer and exporter of petroleum. However, with so much of the transportation industry reliant upon that resource, our petroleum exports' current rise has caused an imbalance. 

Leaning into the use of EVs in the transportation industry allows for greater diversification of necessary resources. This diversification provides much-needed energy security as the pressing need for petroleum lessens, and we can use our wealth of electricity effectively.

This results in fuel savings for the average person. Rather than a vehicle wholly dependent on fuel, you have a vehicle that is completely charged by electricity and a hybrid that uses less fuel than conventional vehicles. The upfront price is higher than a conventional one, but the lifetime savings in fuel make up for that difference. It’s also worth considering that EVs have become more commonplace over time, causing the prices to equalize.

So EVs not only lessen our reliance on petroleum but also put dollars back into your pocket.


It seems common knowledge that EVs are better for the environment, but not clear how. One of the significant benefits has to do with emissions. Fully electric vehicles release zero tailpipe emissions, while hybrid vehicle emissions vary. Emissions are harmful to the climate and your health.

Charging Stations

While the amount of charging stations has yet to reach the number of gas stations, the number is rising each year. Various industries are working tirelessly to create a network of charging stations nationwide. In 2021, more than 41,000 public charging stations were made available, creating over 100,000 places to charge. Those numbers will only continue to rise as the popularity of EVs increases.

How Henderson is Involved

Energy matters a lot to us here at Henderson Services. As faithful stewards of the electrical services we provide, we believe that we should always be improving and expanding as our nation’s leading industries do the same. 

We have kept a close eye on the rise of EVs over the years. In fact we have installed nearly 200 EV chargers across the state thus far. We see an excellent opportunity to serve our clients by coming alongside other industries to grow the amount of charging stations available. For example, you may have several employees who drive electric vehicles. You can show great care for your team by bringing in Henderson to install a charging station in your business’s parking lot. Or perhaps your company wants to build a public station for anyone to access. The opportunities are endless.

With EVs changing how we view the transportation industry, it’s important to us at Henderson that we offer our services to encourage these positive advancements. So if you’re hoping to join the growing landscape of EV charging stations, give us a call. We’d love to work with you.

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