We’ve all been headed out on a trip before, be it a vacation or a short ride to work, and someone tells us to “Be safe!” The comment doesn’t typically necessitate any response other than “Thanks!” We then get in the car and take off without ever considering the safety precautions we take as we drive.

This isn’t because we think safety is unimportant. Instead, it’s the reality that when we think about safety, most people assume that they are “always being safe.” Whether it’s double-checking mirrors, testing the brakes, or even simply cleaning your windshield, these precautions often feel like unnecessary steps to avoiding an unlikely scenario. The fact remains though, that these “unnecessary steps” can often lead to the prevention of dangerous and avoidable accidents.

At Henderson Services, when dealing with electrical maintenance services and preventive maintenance, our number one priority is to complete jobs safely. We don’t just start without a second thought, hoping nothing will happen. Instead, we take all necessary steps to protect our people and yours. We take steps to accomplish this through 3 primary safety education services that, when used consistently, can save your facility.

1. NFPA 70E

If you have people working around energized equipment, then NFPA-70E training is required. It is a national consensus standard used by OSHA, and it is vital for your team to understand all the requirements.

At Henderson Services, we offer certified training classes for all levels of employees. Everyone will receive a training manual and a certificate of completion at the end of the training. The training includes:

This training is a necessary and effective step to ensure your employees stay safe each day they enter your facility.

2. Lock Out Tag Out

According to OSHA standard 1910.147, “Proper lockout/tagout (LOTO) practices and procedures safeguard workers from the release of hazardous energy.” This is why LOTO is required for any company dealing with electrical equipment. When an employee is conducting routine maintenance or troubleshooting a problem, the LOTO procedure must be completed so that there is not any unexpected energization of the equipment. 

Completing the proper LOTO steps can be the difference between having a clean safety record and facing heavy consequences for a workplace accident. The eight steps involved in LOTO can play a major role in raising the safety standards of your facility.

Henderson Services has professionals who can educate and train your employees to follow OSHA’s LOTO steps to the letter on a consistent basis.

3. First Aid, CPR, & AED Training

When it comes to safety training, there’s one thing that is always important to remember: emergencies can happen, and you need to be prepared. Especially when working around dangerous equipment, the chances of an accident are much higher. Trust us, we’ve been in the electrical services business for over 100 years and know this statistic firsthand.

Our certified First Aid, CPR, and AED instructors provide the necessary training to ensure your employees are ready for emergencies. Upon completing this course, participants will receive a certification card, student handbook, and a CPR face shield. This type of training may be seldom used but can mean the difference between life and death for your employees. 

Electrical Safety Matters

While you might be able to drive to work without ever looking at the road, that doesn’t mean you should—safety matters in all areas of life, especially in facilities with electrical machinery. To ignore vital safety training is to put your entire team at risk, let alone your job, for failing to follow mandatory OSHA standards. 

Safety is never optional. Making it a priority can save your facility.

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