The upkeep of our most valuable belongings is a natural part of life. Whether it’s your vehicle, home, or physical health, it’s vital to take steps to keep everything functioning properly. Anyone who has ignored the upkeep of these things can attest to the feeling of devastation when something goes wrong. A failed transmission, a pipe that bursts, a chest pain that you don’t get checked out becomes something more; the list of things that can happen is endless. 

The same can be said for the electrical equipment in your business. Preventive maintenance is a necessary step in ensuring the longevity of your operations. At Henderson, we perform preventive maintenance such as evaluating your equipment in both energized and de-energized states to ensure you have the proper standards in place for each piece of equipment. But what could happen if you decline preventive maintenance for your equipment?

Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”  - Murphy’s Law

Whether or not you agree with the old adage in general, the saying couldn’t be more true regarding preventive maintenance. Electrical equipment functionality is not the type of thing you want to leave up to chance. If something on your equipment has been left without the proper maintenance, it will eventually cause a major issue. Unfortunately, we have encountered multiple businesses who hear our concerns about some of their equipment and choose to do nothing.

The ‘What If’ Scenario That Has Actually Occurred

Let’s say that Henderson Services offers to perform a preventive maintenance check on your equipment to determine whether you have aged breakers that need to be replaced. You decline that offer, only to have your breaker short circuit two months later causing an entire factory shutdown. You quickly have to call on our emergency services to repair the breaker and get everything up and running as soon as possible. It ultimately takes 48 hours or longer to get everything back up to proper functionality and safety standards. The time lost is only the tip of the iceberg in the aftermath of this catastrophic event.

Questions from Ownership

Who was in charge? Why did this happen? Could this have been avoided?

These are the kind of questions that will be asked of the Facility Manager or Maintenance Manager in this situation. One of the key components offered by our Preventive Maintenance services is the peace of mind it provides to those managers who already have a lot on their plate. However, because they chose not to accept the services that could have protected their facility, chances are that they’ll be the ones to face the consequences.


The cost of preventive maintenance and the cost of performing emergency servicing due to the lack of preventive maintenance can be vastly different numbers. Though the upfront price of servicing the unsafe containers may have felt costly, that number pales in comparison to the eventual cost of a minimum two-day shutdown. In other situations, we have witnessed companies lose over 600x what they would have paid if they had undergone the initial suggested Preventive Maintenance services.

Don’t Make the Great Mistake

No one wants to pay for exorbitant and unexpected repairs, especially to fix damage that could have been easily avoided. At Henderson Services, we understand how difficult it is to keep all the balls in the air when juggling the upkeep of a large facility. That is why we offer our Preventive Maintenance services. To give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe and functioning properly so that you can focus on other parts of your job.
So don’t wait! Contact us today to discuss your preventive maintenance needs.

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