Let’s cut straight to the point: if your facility has not completed an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, you are putting your business and, most importantly, your employees at major risk. Here at Henderson Services, we’ve spent years researching and developing our services in order to serve clients like you as best we can. However, during those years, it has been alarming to see the number of companies that are, at best, generally unaware of the importance that preventive maintenance plays in the health of their company.

When discussing preventive maintenance here at Henderson, it’s much more than a practice you “might as well do.” Instead, it is a life-saving discipline that will set your company apart from all others. One of the areas of preventive maintenance that we see as absolutely vital is Arc Flash Hazard Analysis. But why is it so vital? Afterall, what does it actually accomplish, why do you need it, and how can it affect your team?

What Does it Accomplish?

An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis is often referred to as an Arc Flash Study. In short, it’s a study of the potential available incident energy specific to electrical equipment during a fault event. It will uncover what hazards and violations exist in your working environment. Due to the rules set in the latest editions of OSHA (29 CFR 1910.269) and NFPA (130.5 C), organizations must conduct this study on their entire facility every five years, accompanied by yearly updates in order to remain compliant and avoid heavy penalties.

Why Do You Need It?

As previously mentioned, you need Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to stay compliant with OSHA and NFPA guidelines. Outside of compliance, this study gives you peace of mind, knowing that a complete process to identify any potential electrical hazards has been proactively taken, and any potential power quality issues will be identified to reduce the risk of business interruption. This knowledge of your environment aids you in protecting your employees once work begins. If you haven’t completed your Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, any equipment in the space is not permitted to be used.

Visit our website to see the 7-step process we follow when completing our Arc Flash Hazard Analysis. 

How Can it Affect Your Team?

Without completing this study, there is no way to know the level of potential energy expressed in calories/cm^2 that an arc flash could emit. This information informs you which level of PPE your employees must wear to meet or exceed the calorie rating on the energized piece of electrical equipment. The last thing you want is to fail to complete your Arc Flash Analysis, send an employee to work on equipment, and unexpectedly have them killed by a lethal amount of electricity. That kind of instance is exactly why regulations for this study exist. 

Just as there are labor laws that must be followed for the well-being of your team, working with electricity creates an even greater need for following standards that protect the lives of your employees.

Failing to complete an Arc Flash Analysis for any organization working around hazardous material violates OSHA and NFPA guidelines. In addition, this puts you in danger of being shut down and ultimately losing your business if you fail to comply. Don’t let that be you. To complete your Arc Flash Analysis, simply contact Henderson Services and get a quote today to ensure the safety of your personnel.

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